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MYTHONIAN CENTRE - Spiritual & Holistic Ways, Crystalline Healing, Syraki, Psychic Readings, Reiki, Mini-Workshops, Meditation.


Cheylia's Crystalline Legacy

"A Spiritual Journey With Love."

Offered to us by Cheylia'.

God's "Feminine Aspect" has come forth for us to embrace.

Creating Unity and Harmony ...For all to Enjoy.

Offers You

Happiness, Confidence, Creativity, Inner Beauty, Emotional Truth, Physical Wellbeing...

Spiritual Union & Companionship.


'Spiritual Duality'

Created for us by Cheylia'

so we may Continue To Evolve.

Offering Universal Peace & Harmony for Eternity.

A Spiritual Testament

Offered by Cheylia'.

Your Guide To Ascension & Loved Ones.

Your Love & Life will have Purpose and Vitality.

A New Meaning.

Your Journey... a New Understanding.

A New Beginning.

So Sha, Shaman Eilee

When you wish to begin a new way of living, a new way of Loving, a new way of understanding, we say unto you... open your mind, seek answers to questions that have not been asked, create a life-style that offers you that what you want from life itself. Share all you have with those you love, be joyous in your nature, control that within you so others may see only that which they respect, that which they look up to, that which they desire, that which radiates out from you with love... for all to enjoy. Once this is within all of us, Harmony will abound, for the Creators 'Will' shall be done, the way of the future is secured with the knowledge... it is for all to embrace, as each follows the other, so too will the wave of enlightenment continue to sweep all before it. Such is the wisdom of sharing, the wisdom of forgiving. The Scryptah shows us the way... The Mythonian Way is for all to enjoy, everyone is embraced by the words of our Creator, nobody is left out, nobody is cast out, nobody is forgotten... if this is your truth, let the actions flow from your thoughts... there can be no retaliation, no regrets... understanding, sharing and trusting is the way forward... How else can one live with another?

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Mythonian Way - Academy of Cheylia' (A Summary of all Courses)

Mythonian Way MEMBERSHIP (Application - Help us to Create a unified world to live in)

Mythonian Course Information  (An in depth description of all couses)   

Mythonian HEALING TREATMENTS (A guide to your benefits ... Cheylia's Gift to us)

Mythonian Course Bookings (Contact information for Courses)

Mythonian Spiritual Books, Manuals & Aids (Teaching Guides, Spiritual Journeys, Affirmations, Tarot, etc.)

Cheylia's Quest Mini Courses (Mini-Workshops 1/2 day - Group Courses ... Gain insight to Mythonian Ways)

Mythonian Shields (Cheylia's Shields of Eternal Love ... For you to display in your Home or Venue)


After purchasing your course(s) a booking may be secured, we can assist you with accommodation arrangements close to or at the Mythonian Centre (as available).

Group Bookings are encouraged, receive a 50% discount off your course price for introducing two or more friends so we may include them in your booking schedule. We like you to enjoy and share that which is offered amongst those you know if this is possible... Mini Courses are also included in this discount offer.

For Health & Happiness... by using a Global Network offered to all Mythonian Members... we have created a connection of like minded people that may offer you ways to enjoy travelling, sharing in new ideas and a variety of links to International Companies. Benefit from the Treatments offered or by using Natural Herbs to rid the body of unwanted aches and pains thus preventing life threatening illnesses from taking away your earthly lifestyle  so your Spiritual Journey may continue on it's natural progression. These are made available as an option to consider and a simple way to help people on a global basis.

Personal freedom to those that accept a united family of like mindedness and independence. Mythonian Way locations, ideals and contacts are offered to our members.

Head Office Location:  Australia.

Founders of Mythonian Way & Academy of Cheylia'
              Shaman Eilee; Mythonian Ameah; -
              Sho'Lin; Mythonian Azem; -

Free MEMBERSHIP for 12 mths with any Mythonian Course Booking